Devon was finishing up the project he had been working on for the last three months. It always felt good to put some sort of closure to things before the holiday started. Suddenly his phone rang, and he answered while he wrote the final few sentences to his reports. "Where are you, man?" his best friend, Ben, asked. "Still at work?" "Just finishing up something," Devon replied. "Damn it, Devon! It's Christmas eve and you promised to dine with us. Now, get your ass over here before I get pissed." "I'm coming. Just give me 30 minutes." "You're working too much," his friend sighed. "Yeah, yeah," Devon agreed half-heartedly. He had heard the lecture before. Ever since he broke it off with his ex-girlfriend, Rachel, he had drowned himself in work. He needed to get his mind away from the other stuff that was not working in his life, and his love-life seemed to be one of those things. "You need to find a woman. ASAP!" Devon groaned. "Keep out of it, Ben. I don't want any help." "It's been a y