I have been looking forward to today. It is my birthday and I have high hopes. Dan has been up to something and today I should find out what. Greeted by a cooked breakfast and a card. Dan says I will hopefully get the present later. I am supposedly on a day off but Dan has asked me to handle one appointment this afternoon. I am an estate agent and will go to see a gay couple who want to put their flat up for sale. Smiling to myself as I potter through the morning. Dan is far too obvious. An appointment on my birthday I wonder what he has planned, daydreaming I comb my hair in the mirror and I am ready for the day. I ring the doorbell and it's trill is promptly answered by a young black man who invites me in. Introducing himself as Ray and his partner as Pete as we exchange firm handshakes. OMG! Nervous but excited I inhale their perfection as I exhale my desire. I continue with the business awaiting for them to make a pass at me attracted by their physiques wondering about their endowm