Callum gulped when Alex said this out loud, he hadn't even thought about what any of it meant. He kind of shrugged but the nervousness of the term made him too scared to reply. "Butttt. . .that's not good enough for me." Alex gave Callum a very dominant eyebrow as he said this. Callum's own expression widened, even as he enjoyed this newfound flirtation they seemed to be engaging in. "What do you mean?" Callum asked. "I don't want you to be bisexual. I want to make you gay. I want you to be so desperate for this cock that you forget pussy altogether." Callum looked at Alex with an almost shocked look, though he was also impressed at the sheer bravado of his friend. It was a crazy idea because Callum happened to love pussy, even if he was currently filled up with his friend's still hard-cock. "Wow!" Callum said. He shook his head and smiled up at him. They had started the night straight as an arrow and now his friend was telling him some crazy plans to turn him gay. "Look. . ." Al