Kevin stared at Brad. "A genie? How would that help? They only have 'magic' because of internal story logic." "But doesn't almost every genie story on Literotica have a scene where the genie gives the dude a big dick? Why couldn't a genie just give us dicks?" Brad asked while pulling up his pants. He no longer wanted to look at the flat surface of his crotch. "And balls. Can't forget the balls." "I don't have any better ideas, so genie it is, but we should try for a genie that isn't a white girl. I don't want to end up with a pumpkin spice flavored dick," Kevin muttered. Something suddenly occurred to him. "Do we still have assholes?" Brad reaches around and feels his ass through the pants at the same time Kevin does. "Yep. Still have a hole. That's something. If you wanted, we could eat each other's asses and then look for a genie." "Brad, when I dine on your ass, it will end with me fucking it. Rimjobs with no orgasms would be like going to McDonald's for a strawberry shake, but the